Athletic department hires new assistant

Erin Andrews

This week, Dordt College Athletics announced that it will hire Peyton Manning to fill the position of administrative assistant. The former Colts and Broncos quarterback will join the Dordt team all the way from New Orleans, LA, the city which Manning called home after his retirement from the NFL in March.

Manning is excited for this new opportunity and hopes to use this time as an opportunity to supplement his repertoire outside of professional football. Athletic Director Glen Bouzma said now that so many sports are in the thick of their seasons that he has been looking for an assistant to help out. He also said he was not expecting such a big name to apply, but he will gladly accept the help.

“Peyton still had to go through the rigorous application and interview process, but he passed with flying colors,” Bouzma said. “Once we interviewed him, we thought ‘There’s no way we can’t hire him for this position.’ He brings so much experience to the table and is also willing to learn from us.”

Manning views the position as an activity to fill his newly open schedule. Eventually, he wants to work as a football analyst or broadcaster, but wants to do something more low-key in the meantime. While scrolling through a website of job postings, Manning said the position at Dordt just seemed to jump out at him.

“I was first drawn in by the name – ‘Dordt’ is pretty unusual and caught my eye right away,” Manning said. “After reading the job description, I thought it was just what I needed so I submitted an application, went through the process and now I’m moving to Iowa.”

Bouzma says that Manning will start in his new position on the first of December. The athletic department will waste no time in training him on secretarial duties and other various tasks that Manning will eventually be responsible for. Bouzma says he plans to hit the ground running and get Manning acquainted with Dordt, Defender Athletics and the football tradition they carry at the school.

Not ready for the Iowa winter, some of the biggest things Manning says he’ll miss are the warm southern air and Tuesday nachos with Eli. He says it’s a tradition that will continue despite the distance between them – even if it has to be over Skype.

“Eli and I have always been pretty competitive, so I know he will for sure be jealous that I have a new job as potentially prestigious as this one,” Manning said.

This article was taken from the Zircon issue of The Dordt Diamond

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