Quidditch at Dordt College

April Socolofsky

“I am delighted by this, I really am,” J.K. Rowling said in response to a reporter who asked her how she felt about Dordt College’s adoption of the sport that she personally created.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Quidditch is coming to Dordt College.

J.K. Rowling initially created the sport to be played at Hogwarts, a school of magic buried deep in the English countryside. The sport surpassed cultural boundaries, however, when it gained popularity with American youth and young adults after professional Quidditch player Harry Potter became famous in 1997. The game gained even more acclaim when documentaries about Harry Potter first became popular in 2001.

“Who would have thought that my little idea could have spread to the outskirts of civilization, to the northwest corner of Iowa, of all places. When I designed it [Quidditch] I never could have foreseen this,” said Rowling when questioned on the scope of Quidditch’s reach.

Dordt students are thrilled about the new sport. Although team members have not yet been selected, fierce competition is in the air as try-outs loom in the future. From freshmen to seniors to commuters, all men and women of all ages will compete for a spot on the team.

While many of the students are enthusiastic about the athletic addition, others are not so exultant.

“It’s baffling. I can’t believe that people are so interested in this idea,” said one disgruntled local Reformed church leader who wishes to remain anonymous.

“It’s witchcraft, it’s evil, and Dordt might as well throw out all their Reformed textbooks since they’ve practically tossed out all their convictions by allowing such an immoral sport to infiltrate campus. The athletes play on brooms, for Pete’s sake!”

Leading up to the crucial vote on whether or not to bring the sport to Dordt, there was serious debate about Dordt College’s ability to take on another sport. Those in opposition argued that college students aren’t ready to decide for themselves whether their personal convictions would allow them to play or even watch this controversial sport. After all, in terms of the recent election, college campuses across the nation are finding themselves protecting students because apparently young adults are physically incapable of handling objections or bad news.

“Clearly students must be pamper – I mean, protected! We wouldn’t want someone to have their ideas or opinions challenged. College is a time to have fun, not a time for growth and conviction. I’m afraid the addition of this sport just presents too much of a serious question for students to answer on their own,” said a concerned Dordt faculty member.

“My mom didn’t let me read the books or speak about you-know-who [Harry Potter and his friends], so of course I’m not going to try out for the team!” said a Dordt freshman who was homeschooled until this fall.

“Besides,” she adds, “it would be immodest to ride astride a broom with my jean skirt, and I’m not allowed to wear anything else.”

Despite the few protesting voices, though, the majority won out, and Quidditch will be offered as an official sport at Dordt College next fall.

This article was taken from the Zircon issue of The Dordt Diamond

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