Dordt Student joins list of American celebrities moving to Canada due to President-Elect Trump

Leighton VanderMooi

Elle Blondisky, a sophomore Business major, joins the ranks of those threatening to move to the Great White North after the recent election.

Zircon: Let’s get right to the point – how are you dealing with Hillary’s loss?

Elle Blondisky: Not good. I seriously can’t handle this anymore. People are just so mean; they elected a big meanie. They are just super sexist, not voting for a woman. America just hates women, and that’s why I’m leaving.

Z: Yes, you did post on various social media platforms that you’ll be leaving. Are you still planning on following through with that?

EB: Of course! The protests around here aren’t even making that much of a difference. If you really want to make a point and stick it to the man, you have to leave the country altogether. That’s why I am doing this.

Z: So, what’s next? What are your plans once you get there?

EB: Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus are starting a city of American refugees in Manitoba, near Winnipeg. They promised to offer solace to all Americans who can’t handle a Trump presidency.

Z: Interesting…and what, do you think, drew them to Canada?

EB: [Canadians] have such a stable government. Their leader is a really good politician and you can tell he comes from such a political background, unlike Trump. They also have snow – I like snow – and moose. On another note, they’re also still under the Queen of England so having a queen would be pretty cool.

Z: You seem adamant on going. I guess you haven’t heard that all of the celebrities who promised to leave are now saying they’ll stay. Lena and Miley are backing out of their refugee city plan as well. Thoughts?

EB: Well…looks like I’m staying.

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