A letter to Aaron Cubswinski

Josh Bootsma and Cory Van Gilst- Staff Writers

Dear Aaron Cubswinski,

You’ve been through a lot in the last two weeks and, let’s be honest, it’s been embarrassing. From all of us at here at the Chicago Cubs organization, we’re sorry for you. You’ve been using our World Series drought to slander us since the day your parents told you that you were a Sox fan. And now that’s gone. We’re sorry to disappoint. We really are. Because now, let’s be honest, the article you wrote two weeks ago is pretty embarrassing.

Let’s think about it. As you astutely pointed out, we fell to the “Miracle Mets” in ’69, during a year we thought we could win it all. And the road to victory has been tough. We thought we might pull it off in 2003. And again in 2008. And last year. But you’re right; we didn’t.

But Aaron, the goat, Steve Bartman, the deaths of Ron Santo and Ernie Banks, and the restoration of Wrigley Field were not, as you say, “bad years.” They were merely a part of an elongated saga that ended in the rapturous applause of millions of Cubs fans worldwide.

Whether or not you want to say it, Aaron, it is our year. It happened. This year, 2016, is the year that the greatest baseball team on the planet won the most prestigious baseball award on the planet, resulting in the greatest moment in the history of American sports. What else could possibly compare? Did White Sox World Series viewership in 2005 reach 40 million viewers worldwide? Did the Cleveland Cavaliers wait 108 years for their first championship? Did the Denver Broncos’ victory parade draw the seventh largest gathering in the history of mankind? No, Aaron. They didn’t. But hey, at least the Sox have had a 108-year head start to win way more World Series than the Cubs, right? Oh wait. They both have three.

So although we can’t fault you for being a fan of a team whose starting pitcher takes scissors to his jerseys and who now play at “Guaranteed Rate Field,” a company whose logo is literally a big red arrow pointing into the ground, we still think you should recognize greatness when you witness it. Whether or not you “hid away from any TV,” the world didn’t end like you said it would. In fact, millions of people woke up on November 3rd entranced in the euphoric surrealism of a world where the Chicago Cubs actually won the World Series. So please. Stop calling our fandom desperate, our success overrated and our drought pathetic and just realize that the greatest moment in American sports happened two weeks ago and you got to witness it. You’re embarrassing yourself.


Your 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs

This article was taken from the Zircon issues by The Dordt Diamond

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