Letter to Cubs fans

Aaron Ladzinski- Staff Writer

Dear Cubs fans,

You’ve been through a lot and, let’s be honest, it’s been rough. For 107 years, you’ve longed for a World Series win, but it hasn’t yet happened. The saying always ends up being, “Next year is the year.”

You’ve had some chances where you thought you’d surely be going to the World Series – something you haven’t seen in 70 years. You had the epic meltdown in ‘69 where the New York Mets – referred to as the “Miracle Mets” – came back to win the division. Then it took another 30 years for you to have a team that finally looked like they could do it all. That particular loss was blamed on a man with headphones who tried to catch a foul ball; you know his name as Steve Bartman. That one probably hurt the worst for you Cubbie fans. The next time you thought it was the year was in ’08, when you held the best record in baseball and thought you had it all. But once again, the dream was shattered when you were swept in three games. So much for the “best record” that year.

Then came the bad years, when Ron Santo and “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks passed away. And then on top of that, the changing of Wrigley Field, which hadn’t had a restoration since it opened in 1914. Everyone hated it at first, but now you don’t hear many complaints.

And then last year gave you a taste of what might come from this new Cubs team.

This year, the Cubs came in and dominated everyone throughout this season and didn’t look back. Finally you did it; you made it into the World Series.

Still, I’m sorry, Cubs fans, that as I sit and watch you play Cleveland, I cannot and will not root for you. It’s against my nature and everything I was taught as a small boy. So yes, you can cry to your folks and friends, pour ashes of grandfathers and fathers who never got the chance to see the Cubs in the World Series, and tell everyone that it is finally your year. But unfortunately, I will never say that it is your year.

If you do win, I will say congratulations, but only as I hide away from any TV because I don’t want to believe that the world is really coming to an end.

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