Late Night with the Defenders

Aaron Ladzinksi- Staff Writer

Friday night of Defender Days marked the beginning of Late Night with the Defenders – a tradition that has continued throughout the years. It is a time for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams to show off their skill.

The women hope to build off of last year’s 10-19 record, with the greatest highlights including beating Northwestern twice. On the other hand, the men hope to build off their 14-17 record from last season. The night went off without a hitch as both teams displayed their skills in front of a massive crowd who gave off a great energy which was not unlike any other sporting event in the De Witt Gymnasium.

Before the men’s scrimmage, sharpshooters squared off in the three-point contest. Senior Dalton Franken came out and showed off his best Steph Curry impersonation. Franken won by draining three after three, never giving the opponents much of a chance.

The dunk contest followed the women and men’s scrimmages. One of the best dunks came right from the start with freshman Chad Barkema. Looking up into the crowd, Barkema threw the ball off a wooden rafter in front of the student section to let it land right in front of the basket and slam it home. The fans roared as Barkema completed the dunk on his first try. His teammates had to square off in a winner-take-all dunk-off.

The biggest surprise of the night came during the Dordt Dining Shoot-Off. The winner was freshman Tyler White, who won with ease after making the layup, free throw and three-pointer. Afterward, White threw up a shot from half-court that bounced off the backboard and in the hoop, sending the De Witt into a frenzy.

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