Time Warp wins Air Band in flurried fashion

Jaden Vander Berg and Mindi Wikstorm- Staff Writers

Friday night, Sept. 23, students packed into the BJ Haan auditorium to watch their peers dance around the stage, lip syncing to pop songs of past and today. This year only four groups performed, but the humor of hosts Lincoln Rus and Kevin Steiger helped to keep the audience involved and entertained.

After competing in different groups for three years, Luke Venhuizen and his ensemble of Maddie Vande Kamp, Esther Kielstra, Shaniese Quist, Rachel Blom, Levi Minderhoud, Mariellen Hofland and Janelle Cammenga took the stage and claimed victory.

The group practiced their routine for almost ten hours, and much of the time was used learning Venhuizen’s choreography. Coming up with a concept proved difficult, yet after listening to nearly every song from every era, the group settled on a medley of music starting with Beethoven’s 1807 classic “Symphony No. 5” and ending with Sia’s 2016 hit “Cheap Thrills.”

For many of the group members, including Esther Kielstra who represented the 2000s, Friday night was their first time performing before an audience.

“I have never been in front of a crowd; especially this many people,” Kielstra said. “But once we got out there it was pretty chill and pretty fun. You just go with the crowd.”

As a group of mostly seniors, Time Warp knew this year was its last chance to participate in this competition.

The 70s representative, Mariellen Hofland, knew this moment may have been her last chance to shine with an invisible microphone.

“We just saw how much fun people had on stage [previously],” Hofland said. “And we were like OK, [this is our] last year, we have to be in it.”

Millions of thoughts raced through each performer’s head the closer it came to show time.  Shaniese Quist, the 80s representative, offered a peek inside her brain before showtime:

“I’m so nervous,” Quist said to herself. “What am I going to do? I hope I do great. I hope I make Whitney Houston proud.”

After the victory, Luke Venhuizen, 90s rep, gave advice to students interested in Airband who might be too scared to perform.

“Just do Airband! Get a random group together, pick a couple of songs and just have a good time because it is so fun,” Venhuizen said. “Winning is a good cherry topper, but in the long run it’s a joy just to do it, and the friendships are made stronger because of Airband.”

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