Shaping Sounds and shaping minds with dance

Luke Venhuizen- Staff Writer

A story of two lovers portrayed across a stage so beautifully without a single word spoken can only be done by the intimate art of dance. The flexibility, the power, the trust that was demonstrated on stage captured the attention of hundreds as Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound Dance Reimagined preformed across many venues in the Midwest.

Wall’s company opened their tour in Sioux Falls, SD, on Oct. 11 at the Washington Pavilion. They moved their way through Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin before ending their Midwest leg on Oct. 18 in Indianapolis, Indiana, then heading on over to the East coast to finish the tour.

This show includes many big names in dance, with Travis Wall being the most well-known.

Wall came bursting onto the dance scene in 2006 when he placed second in the hit show So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). Since then, he has gone on to become a world-renowned choreographer after returning to SYTYCD as a choreographer in season 7. Over the years, he has earned numerous Emmy nominations and won his first Emmy in 2015.

Wall is not the only SYTYCD alum who is dancing with Shaping Sound. Audrey Case was a top ten finalist in season 9, Matthew Kazmierczak was top 6 boys in season 9, and Gaby Diaz was crowned champion of season 12. These examples are just a few names who have graced the stages of both SYTYCD and Shaping Sound.

The show itself was just short of 2 hours, including a ten-minute intermission. The display consisted of mainly contemporary and jazz styles of dance and tackled a dreamlike story of two lovers who were separated until death finally brought them together.

The show served to prove that dance is a bold but effective story-telling technique that Travis Wall definitely does well.

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