Senior short film gets rolling

Eric Rowe- Staff Writer

The process of writing, directing, producing and editing a short film in just one semester is full of challenges, but senior Kyle Fosse says that the most intimidating step of the project is already behind him. After months of preparation, Fosse recently started shooting footage for his capstone digital media project “The Way Out.”

Fosse came up with the concept for his senior practicum last year—how people cope with depression and grief—and then wrote the script over the summer.

In his script, Fosse tells the story of Amber, played by senior Eliana Radde, in the wake of tragedy. Amber must find a way out of her situation by choosing either to find beauty in her world or to escape her reality.

Fosse, Radde and fellow actor Nathan Ryder, along with four volunteer crew members, are now three weeks into the shoot.

Ryder, who is experiencing filmmaking for the first time, is surprised by the little things that can derail a scene and soak up time, such as unexpected rain or annoying mosquitoes.

On set, Ryder said that he’s noticed evidence of Fosse’s experience and attention to detail. As well as bringing snacks for every shoot, Fosse will always have someone setting up the next scene while shooting the previous one.

In terms of choosing the needed angles and shots, Ryder said, “[Fosse] has it down to a kind of science. He just has to piece it together before he can actually see it.”

Fosse wrote and directed “Defector” for the short film class last fall, and he said that the experience gave him confidence to take on a larger role this semester. As well as being both writer and director, Fosse is also acting as producer, editor and cinematographer.

Digital Media senior practicum does not necessarily entail a short film. Final projects can be styled to a student’s particular interests, and past projects have included case studies and documentary editing.

In his freshman year, Fosse had a small role in the short film class production. Through being on set and films for class and personal projects, Fosse’s interest in narrative film grew, so he said that the process of creating a short film – daunting as it may be – was an easy choice for his senior practicum.

Shooting for “The Way Out” is set to continue through November, with a public showing in December.

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