Katy Wilson upcoming senior recital

Daniel Seaman- Staff Writer

Eight months equals 34 weeks. One hour per day for five days a week during the school year, and four days a week during the summer. For math majors, these days and weeks add up to over 150 hours of practice time. For Katy Wilson, Dordt senior and music education major, this preparation also adds up to a 30-minute recital on Saturday, Oct. 1, in the BJ Haan at 7:30 P.M.

Amidst her constant practice and process of perfecting, Wilson regularly reminds herself to be excited about her music-making.

“It’s easy to get caught up in slaving away over technical details,” Wilson said. “But I want to make beautiful music and not just play an exercise.”

Wilson has played clarinet since 6th grade. Upon Wilson’s arrival at Dordt, her clarinet professor, Dr. Beverly Gibson, admitted to recognizing her raw ability. Gibson set goals to help Wilson “hone her control at any tempo, take the technique and apply it to everything.”

Ranita Badudu, Wilson’s accompanist for the past eight months and roommate for the past four years, appreciates the hard work Wilson puts toward knowing her music.

“She is secure enough in her musicality that I am able to follow,” Badudu said.

Brendan Miedema, who spent most of last year sitting next to Wilson as the 2nd chair clarinetist, respects Wilson’s “absolute passion for music and meticulous attention to detail in the [band’s] repertoire, but also in her independent study.”

For Miedema, it’s clear that Wilson has dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to her practice.

When does music stop being a regurgitation of what is written on the page and start becoming music? For Wilson, it happened when she was putting something very technical together with her accompanist.

Gibson says Wilson has improved her playing by “incorporating the theory and history she observes when she looks at the music.” According to Gibson, all of the music classes Wilson has taken at Dordt have helped her to both interpret what composers try to say through music and make stylistic and artistic choices of her own.

“I’ve learned to see music as a means for communication with your audience,” Wilson said. “This has helped me be less nervous in front of audiences because I focus on the art I am presenting and not myself.”

On Saturday, Oct. 1, Katy Wilson will be giving her interpretation of a number of pieces in her senior recital, and she hopes that many people will attend.

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