Intramural season is upon us

Clarissa Kraayenbrink – Staff Writer

Classes are in full swing for the year and so are everyone’s favorite extracurricular activities: intramural sports. Sand volleyball, soccer and softball are the sports currently in-season for this fall.

“Intramurals are a great way to get away from your studies for 30-45 minutes and just enjoy physical activity and competition with your friends,” said Glen Thompson, Intramural Softball Captain and student in charge of all scheduling for intramurals.

Intramurals have many physical and social benefits of participation. It is a good way for the average college student to stay active without having to devote the time and commitment that an intercollegiate sport requires. You also get to meet new people and solidify the friendships you may already have.

“I love sports,” said intramural soccer and softball participant Christian Manes. “What I like about playing intramurals is that I get to play a variety of sports, some that I’m very familiar with and some that I maybe only have played a few times. It’s not always about winning, but just being a part of the team, league and community. Intramurals are a good way to keep me fairly active and can help grow relationships with friends and other students on campus.”

“I love the competition,” said intramural sand volleyball player Felix Alcover. “The thrill of being in a tight match, working together with your teammates, giving it all you’ve got together in order to achieve that common goal. I love to see everybody having fun, trying their best and smiling together; not just as teammates but as friends.”

Be on the lookout for emails regarding the late fall season that brings a new set of sports. Women’s volleyball and co-ed volleyball are a couple of the next sports to be played. Signups will begin the week after Heartland break.

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