Confessions of a former RA

Danny Moores- Staff Writer

The position of Resident Assistant (RA) at Dordt College is respected by some and despised by others.

“For the most part, I was surprised at how well-behaved my wing was,” said Adam Heynen, former East Hall RA. “They were wise with how they acted. Even if they were making bad choices, they were responsible with them.”

Some students see RAs as people in authority who are out to get them. They believe RAs are solely looking to catch them in a wrongful act and write them up. But contrary to popular belief, this mindset isn’t the mentality of RAs.

“I honestly wish that there was mandatory time that I had to spend with my kids like once a month,” Heynen said. “That way I think there would be more trust between me and my guys.”

Multiple RAs echoed these desires and emphasized the importance of truly getting to know their wings.

While the goal of an RA isn’t to discipline his or her students, it is this individual’s responsibility to report anything that is out of the ordinary or contradictory to the Dordt College Handbook.

“I had to wake up early in the morning because kids would turn off the breakers in our wing, and once I got a knock on the door that the drinking fountain was torn off the wall in our hall,” Heynen said. “I’d tell more stories, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone.”

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