Coloring bonds Defenders young and old

Janelle Cammenga- Staff Writer

Sunlight poured through the Campus Center windows while upbeat music played quietly. A soft hum of conversation provided a friendly undertone for the people coloring at different tables. Curly-haired toddlers gazed around the open space with wide eyes.

Amid the bustle of Defender Days, students and visitors alike found peace and quiet at “Color Creations” in the Grille area on Saturday. Seniors Carlie Jansen, Hope Kramer, Rachel Du Mez, Vanessa Van Gorp, Emily Visser, Brittany Ryks and Jordyn Visser hosted the event as part of their senior seminar project.

“It was cool because we had to work together,” Jansen said. While one person usually does the heavy lifting in a group project, Jansen says that she appreciated all of the group members working together to come up with ideas and carry them out in ways that would impact the community and student body.

The seniors originally thought of doing a mural event, but they realized it would be messier than was convenient. Instead, they wanted something easy to monitor and good for kids.

“We thought, What interests college students? Free T-shirts,” Jansen said.

This mindset inspired the “Color Creations” event, in which students and visitors could color free T-shirts or coloring pages. The seniors were unsure how popular the event would be, but all of the tables filled with participants within 15 minutes of the event’s beginning.

The group ran out of free T-shirts by noon, even though they started with 150.

“They should just have this available every single day,” said sophomore Kylie Van Wye. Van Wye discovered the event by accident while walking through the Grille, but she was quickly won over by the idea.

Freshman Alisha Giesselmann was one of those participants coloring at a table with her friends.

“I’m too much of a perfectionist, so it’s taking me too long to color,” Giesselmann said with a laugh, but she didn’t seem to mind the extra time spent talking with the people at her table.

“We were thrilled to have so many people come together in community and relax,” Jansen said.

All in all, the event was a successful few hours for the senior art students, the community, and the student body.

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