The More You Listen, The More You Hear…

Ashley Huizinga- Staff Writer

Such is the new slogan of Dordt’s radio station, KDCR at 88.5 FM, formerly “KDCR: Rock Solid Radio.” After coming under new management this summer, the station is mixing things up in a big way. From reinventing the slogan to revamping the format and everyday promos, KDCR is doing a lot of behind-the-curtain work in order transform its image among students and listeners.

“I’m excited for the changes,” said Henry Meurs, one of the infamous work-study voices behind KDCR’s weather reports and daily announcements.

“I think it’s about time. I’m especially hoping they make it more student-oriented now — not many Dordt students, especially freshmen, know what KDCR stands for or what really goes on behind the scenes.”

Since its first broadcast in August 1968, KDCR has served as a way for Dordt College to connect with the community and its broader constituency. The station’s success in reaching alumni and the elder generation becomes  evident in the reality that many people care about the radio station.

“We get calls all the time about the songs, the programs we play and the news we put out,” Meurs said, “especially about the church services we play on Sundays. It’s thekind of thing has done a lot of good here and people have noticed.

“The community has so many expectations of [the station] that it’s hard to make changes freely,” Meurs said. “There’s a lot that we could do with it, like giving the work-studies more independence and more ability to express unique personalities over the airwaves — something to let frequent listeners get to know the people behind the mic.

“We could even use this as a chance to talk more about the college: student updates, news, upcoming events. Dordt has this radio building right on campus, and we should be using it to spark and sustain interest in the students and the college as a whole.”

The station remains in a transition phase until Oct. 10, when all the changes will be fully implemented.

What’s next for KDCR? Maybe a student talk show, or possibly more creative opportunities for student involvement. Maybe even a move to something above and beyond the daily Christian contemporary. Who knows? Future listeners are definitely going to test the truth of “The more you listen, the more you hear.” Will you be one of them?

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