Q&A with Dordt Football’s Tyson Dahlgrin

Clarissa Kraayenbrink- Staff Writer

Tyson Dahlgrin is a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Gering, NE. He plays defensive end for the Dordt football team and dons number 95 on his back and chest. Dahlgrin came to Dordt to play basketball, but after one season he decided he had fulfilled his desire to play basketball and reclaimed his love for football.

Q: Was basketball the main reason you came to Dordt?

A: I think it was a good part of it. I like the atmosphere a lot. I like the small feel, campus-wise. Those were things that pulled me in, and basketball was a pretty big factor. Engineering was a big part, too. I looked at a couple of other schools I could play basketball at, but they didn’t offer engineering.

Q: What was your prior football experience? A: I played football since I was in first grade. I played flag football … and I played tackle football ever since. I come from a school with only about 170 students, K-12, so when I was in high school I played two years of eight-man football and then two years of six-man football.

A What was the transition like going from basketball to football, and why did you decide to switch? A: I always like to try something new. [Defensive coordinator] Coach Nutt and [head] Coach Penner came and talked to me, and they were really nice people and I thought I’d give it a try, and I really do like it.

Q: Did I hear you were the ‘popsicle player’ at training camp?

A: Yeah. So a popsicle is a defensive interception, fumble recovery or sack. In order to get this, you have to get the sack, get the interception or get the fumble recovery. But it makes it kind of hard sometimes because we’re not always ‘live,’ so you’ve got to work your technique.

Q: Where do you want to go with your engineering degree?

A: Once I’m finished with school, I would like to either go work for John Deere and design tractors, or I would be interested in doing some kind of aerospace engineering.

Q: How do you feel the football season is going to go?

A: I feel like this football season is going to be Dordt’s best football season ever. …I really think that people are going to be surprised at what Dordt football has to offer this year. I think people definitely need to watch out for it.

Q: Is it different that they have three home games in a row to start the season off?

A: It’s nice that the people get to see what we are and what we have to offer, so I think that’s going to help us to have good traveling numbers. I think people are going to actually come to our games so that’ll help when we’re traveling. I think it’s a good thing.

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