Commons Do’s and Don’ts

Anna Veltkamp- Staff Writer

The Do’s and Don’ts of college dining… let’s be real for a moment. Food is life. But what food carries with it can also be very real. Dordt offers a wide variety of meal options, and though it may seem insignificant, “Because I get my exercise walking to class!” choosing a well-balanced meal is key to keeping off the college fifteen. Yeah. It’s not just freshmen that can gain the charming layers that protect those abs we all claim to have. So what do we do about it?

Creating well-rounded, well-balanced meals may seem difficult and more often than not, pointless. But developing habits of doing just that is crucial to maintaining a healthy diet and having a better day. Food is the body’s fuel, and what goes in it has consequential effects. How to create the best fuel for the body through Dordt dining may take practice, but it’s so beneficial in the long run.

Seniors have had the most hands-on experience of the student body, and a few of them have generously offered to share knowledge on the Dordt Commons for the rest of us to try out.

The Do’s!

* A great option when it comes to some desserts would be to substitute for a fresher alternative. “Put fruit in your ice cream, or better yet, get yogurt and fruit,” said senior Brian Bonnema.

* “Salads aren’t lame.” Straight from senior Marta Vander Top guys, salads aren’t lame. They may be unpopular, but they’re not lame. They’re also very important. Beth Baas, Director of Campus Health Services, recommends that students unsure of how many servings of vegetables they need each day should check out the USDA’s website. Everyone has different serving sizes and can find some very useful information there.

* Use up your leftovers. If you’re fortunate enough to visit home every so often, take advantage of your mom’s home-cooking and her desire to send food back with you. So worth it.

The Don’ts!

* Sophomore Ray Badudu advises students that they “shouldn’t take two plates of dessert.” With such great dessert options at Dordt, self-control can become pretty tricky. It might be easier to take one plate of the desired dessert, and the other a plate of a “mock” dessert as Bonnema suggested.

* Similar to Badudu’s advice, don’t skip eating either. The grille is open throughout the week for those times you miss dining hours in the commons. Additionally, try to keep semi-preservable foods in your dorm room for those days you miss both dining areas, or for those midnight snacks as you finish up tomorrow’s assignments. Skipping meals is more detrimental than eating poor ones.

* Although it’s a great idea to keep emergency foods in your dorm, try to avoid the preservative-packed ones like freezer meals that pack in unnecessary ingredients for flavor.

The Should-Do’s

The group of seniors also added useful advice on more than just eating at the commons.

* Freshman Greg Plooy pointed out that if you miss dining hall hours, you can “take advantage of the salad bar at the grille”, his personal favorite.

* “Be willing to sit with different tables so you can build more friendships” Vander Top said. A great way to keep up your social health while dining.

* Vander Top also advises students to “eat all the food because some day you’ll have to buy it yourself”.

Poor dietary habits risk more than those extra pounds. Your mood, thinking capabilities and physical energy all depend on what you choose to eat, so why not make mealtimes good times? Dessert is great, don’t skip it, but be sure to grab all of the important parts to a meal too!

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