An Introduction to Study Abroad

By Lydia Marcus

September 2, 2016

As 1,523 people transitioned back into student life at Dordt, fifteen Dordt students were getting acclimated to life in a different part of the world. This semester, six Dordt students are participating in a domestic off-campus program, and nine are participating in an international program.

“I have always loved to travel, and this opportunity will allow me to learn so much about other cultures and ways of life,” says Erin Waanders, a Spanish major studying in Seville, Spain. “I know it will be a time of growth for me.”

Many students participate in off-campus programs that allow them to gain experience in their field of study. Agriculture: Biotechnology major Victoria Cast is studying in New Zealand through the Creation Care Studies Program, which offers agriculture-related courses.

“I first thought about studying abroad when the Study Abroad Coordinator visited my Core 100 class,” says Cast. “I was hooked on the idea. I have always loved to travel and experience new places and people. I love the adventure of the unknown.”

Studying off-campus provides you with opportunities for hands-on learning in subjects related to your major, and it can also help you meet some CORE requirements. Each of the programs available to Dordt students offers at least one CORE course.

“We have over 30 different program offerings, and I meet with students to help them figure out which program best fits with their major, their educational and career plans, their personal goals, and their travel dreams,” says the Dordt Coordinator of Off-Campus Studies, Alexis Kreun.

“I would encourage everyone to at least consider studying abroad,” Cast said. “It opens your eyes to new ways of thinking, which allows you to broaden, stretch, and strengthen your thoughts and beliefs.”

Students interested in studying abroad should start their application process about one year in advance. If you’d like to learn more about the study abroad options available to you, stop by Alexis Kreun’s office in the Campus Center, or send her an email at

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