Sound of Music Sing-a-long fundraiser

Lauren Bird – Staff Writer

On Saturday night, members of the Dordt student body and Sioux Center community came together to raise money for the concert choir’s tour of the Netherlands in the spring and to enjoy a night of singing along with Rodger and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music.

Many people of all ages showed up to watch the movie in the BJ Haan auditorium, and some even came in costume. There was a suggested donation of five dollars to help fund the concert choir’s trip, and CDs of the choir’s music were also sold.

Ben Kornelis, director of the concert choir, believes that this sing-a-long is an interesting way to raise funds for the trip.

“I’ve heard about it being done in other cities. I’d like to try not to do fundraisers like bake sales or selling wrapping paper, but rather to do things related to who we are as a group. The sing-a-long was a great way to do that. It’s related to choir and also related to Europe, where we will be touring,” said Kornelis.

On the night of IMG_9655the sing-a-long, Kornelis appeared on stage dressed as a nun to introduce the movie, much to the delight of the audience. Jon Hageman, a member of the concert choir, especially appreciated the costume.

“I thought it was hilarious. I have major respect for him after that. It showed that he was very on board and dedicated to the choir, though I don’t think I want to see it again,” said Hageman.

The audience was encouraged to sing along loudly to the nearly three-hour movie, and many did. Chris Geels, another member of the concert choir, found himself sharing many laughs with his fellow audience members.

“I enjoyed re-watching the movie with a group of people I haven’t seen it with before. I never realized how many wonderful jokes there are in it. I would love to see this happen many more times with different movies using classic musicals. I think this was pretty well received,” said Geels.

This event helped bring light to the aspects of the choir’s tour next semester. Kornelis and the choir members are excited to have this opportunity to travel.

“Some of the spaces we will be visiting are very historical. In fact, one church we will sing at will be celebrating their millenium, which is a pretty big deal. The buildings we will sing in tell so much history and are wonderful spaces acoustically. I think the students are very excited and nervous to go and to come up with the money needed for the trip,” said Kornelis.

For those who were not able to come to the sing-a-long or for those who still want to support the choir in other ways, the choir is selling CDs of their music: one of Christmas music and one of their “greatest hits.” These CDs are $15 each and can be purchased through the Dordt music department.

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