New off-campus coordinator

Haley Mulder – Staff Writer

New Off-Campus Coordinator, Alexis Kreun has a passion for the many international opportunities brought to Dordt’s campus every year.

“The fact that my position even exists is incredibly exciting!” Kreun said.

Along with coordinating off-campus studies, Kruen manages and interacts with many of the international students here at Dordt.

“I love hanging out with the international students,” Kruen said. “They’re awesome people, and I feel so blessed that I get paid to spend time with my friends.”

Kruen received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. She studied linguistics, Spanish, and Chinese.

“Before I began working at Dordt, I was teaching English at a middle school in Sonora, Mexico,” Kreun said. “I’ve also spent time teaching in Peru and China, and traveled to Greece, Japan, and Nicaragua.”

Combining her love for travel and learning languages, Kruen is also the staff sponsor for the club Students Without Boarders.

“It’s great because students are making connections and opening up dialogue between cultures,” Kreun said.

Arguably her favorite part of her new job is the traveling.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of traveling, and it’s so cool that I’m in a position that requires me to go new places,” Kreun said.

Kreun went to Nicaragua this semester and took a group of students to a Diversity conference in Chicago. Next semester she plans on traveling to the Dominican Republic on an AMOR missions trip, as well as visiting students who are studying abroad on the SPICE Program.

“I’m excited that Dordt is committed to supporting diversity and encouraging a global perspective in its students,” Kreun said. “It’s awesome that a school our size has over 10% of our student body as international students, and also that so many of our students are studying off-campus every year.”

Kreun believes that God’s love for the nations is evident all throughout scripture.

“I’m encouraged working at a school that recognizes and supports that worldview,” Kreun said. “In the future, I look forward to getting even more international students and sending more students abroad.”

Kreun is a part of the Dordt community in more ways than one. She plays the saxophone in the Campus-Community band and is currently taking Dutch 101.

“I love learning languages,” Kreun said. “It’s a weird hobby, but I like it. It’s a thrill to be able to carry on a conversation with someone in a different language.”

Kreun believes it’s essential for others to step outside of their comfort zones and experience a new culture.

“I love being able to promote something that I’m passionate about,” Kreun said.

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