Dordt/Northwestern student-juried art show

Lauren Bird- Staff Writer

A new installation of art has recently been added to the campus center art gallery. Artwork from Dordt and Northwestern students are being displayed in the annual combined student art show.

Each year, Dordt and Northwestern take turns hosting this art show, and the art students from each school get together and choose pieces from the other school to display in the show. This year, the fifteenth year of the show, twelve Dordt students have their pieces on display.

Dordt senior Bridget Rowe, who has some pieces of her art on display, also served as a juror for the show, choosing pieces from Northwestern students and giving them feedback on their work.

“This is a great way to get a mix of Dordt and Northwestern students together and not be rivals. We can find aesthetic themes in the artwork from each school,” said Rowe.

David Versluis, a Dordt art professor, also believes that this show holds a lot of potential to build a community between the two schools.Art Show 1 Eli

“While this show is interestingly competitive, it’s also indicative of the relational attitudes between two Christian colleges that are in fairly close proximity to each other. As a result, this show helps build community by mixing artwork from both schools. It is more community service-focused and less about self-centric art-making,” said Versluis.

According to Versluis and some Dordt art students, there is much more to this show than meets the eye. Rebekah Dykhuizen, a senior graphic design major, helped place all the selected pieces in the gallery.

“It’s neat to see what our peers in other schools are doing. Each school seems to have a distinct style, since we’re not trained in the same facilities. It was really cool to place the pieces in the gallery and put them together in a way that makes sense,” said Dykhuizen.

Versluis also believes that this art show is beneficial to both the students involved and to the viewers who come to see the art.

“This is an experience for students from both schools to gather in community to review the artwork of their peers, which has great value. Viewers can discover the variety of visual art being generated by our students and see how the art has the technical skill and conceptual capacity that speaks to them,” said Versluis.

The gallery in the Campus Center, located near the Eckhardt Lounge, is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The pieces will be displayed until January 4. Next year, the show will be held at Northwestern College. While pieces from art studio classes are usually submitted, it is an open show that anyone can enter. Several non-art major students have some of their pieces currently on display.

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