Dordt Career Services holds #25DaysofJobs

Eric Rowe – Staff Writer

MKK Engineers, Van Belle Nursery and Click Rain are a taste of the diverse companies featured in the Dordt Career Services twitter event, 25 Days of Jobs. During this christmas season, career services will count down the days on twitter.

“We give the gift of one job and one company for every day,” career development coordinator Sarah Moss said.

The twitter campaign involves multiple posts throughout the day. Post subjects range from available job positions to any events that employees are involved with, facts and other interesting tidbits about the company. Career Services staff members want to share the culture of the company and the benefits of being an employee of the company.

DCCCAnother goal of 25 Days of Jobs is to foster relationships between students and these companies.

“We want to get students excited for what these companies are doing,” Moss said. “And get companies excited for what Dordt students can do for them.”

Career services promotes a variety of companies to appeal to students of all majors. In the first week, 25 Days of Jobs included an engineering firm, a plant nursery and an online marketing firm.

“We want students to gain a better understanding of what’s out there for jobs,” Moss said.

Most of the companies highlighted have some Dordt affiliation. Companies may have been started by Dordt grads or have multiple alumni working there.

Every Friday until Christmas is Festive Friday on the Career Center twitter page. The first person to answer a trivia question related to the featured company will win a prize. Junior, Brett Rozenboom won the first giveaway on December 12th, which consisted of products from The Wine Group. The gifts and the trivia question will continue to be related to the featured company.

The list of 25 companies is set, but the posts aren’t finalized. Because of the scope of 25 days of jobs, the Career Services staff members want to keep the information relevant to the day.

In response to 25 Days of Jobs, two companies, Interstates and the Chicago Tribune have contacted Career Services through twitter to promote their job opportunities.

The posts for 25 days of jobs will continue after the semester ends, and so will the Career Services’ support for Dordt students. Even over Christmas break, local students can schedule in-person meetings with Career Services and students can send in resumes for review and get help via email.

The 25 Days of Jobs posts can be found with the hashtag, #25daysofjobs or from the Dordt Career Services twitter page at DCCareerCenter.

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