Top chef Gordon Ramsay takes over commons

Poor guy in the picture – Staff Writer

Hell’s Kitchen is coming to Dordt College! Students are going to have an opportunity to see what the top British chef Gordon Ramsay has to sayramsey about the food in the commons.

Last weekend, the chef paid a visit to the commons and critiqued the food there. He likes to yell a lot, so the Dordt dining staff had a traumatic time trying to explain some of their meals.

“The food we pick for meals is not my decision anyway, so I don’t know why he yelled at me about that,” said freshman Marina Meyers, who works in the commons. She felt targeted by the loud British chef. “Apparently my hat wasn’t on straight and my shoes weren’t uniform.”

Ramsay is all about maintaining a professional image, so he had some things to say about the organization of the sandwich bar. He argued that the bread had to be organized better and that there should be a better selection of cheeses.

When he tested some of the options for dinners, the yelling only intensified. He claimed the pasta tasted terrible with either red or white sauce, leaving a couple workers to shrug in agreement.

His least favorite dish was the buffalo chicken lasagna, which he dumped directly in a nearby trashcan, plate and all, before instructing the head chef to dispose of the recipe at once. He left the room to gather himself before recuperating enough to continue with his tastings.

Ramsay also complained about the stir fry, claiming it tasted like leftovers. However, he was less violent than with the lasagna, as no plates were smashed. No bowls were ruined with the soup, either, as he actually approved of the options for students.

The silverware did not meet his expectations. He yelled something about the forks being flatter than the knives as he threw a knife against the wall. It fell to the ground with a clunk, because the edge was too dull to stay in the wall. He claimed the knife was about as useful as a spoon when it came to cutting pork.

When Ramsay left the kitchen, utensils and plates were scattered around the room. One freshman working at the time complained that he would probably have to clean up the mess.

While the commons workers cleaned up the mess, the chefs were left to change many of the recipes in their collection, under Ramsay’s supervision. He helped them sort out a high-level, professional eatery for the enjoyment of Dordt College students.

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