Tom Sawyer to be performed again with completely real set

Billy Bob Jeanshorts – Staff Writer

Dordt’s theatre department recently put on a production of ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,’ which was well received by the Dordt community. However, the department has plans to do the show again, with some huge changes added.

Josiah Wallace, the play’s director, expressed much excitement for this idea, which he takes credit for.

“It’s going to be amazing!” Wallace said. “Our scenic designers have been persuaded to bring in a real tree, a few huge, real rocks, and we’ve even found a little abandoned shack in North Dakota that we’re going to put on wheels and move to our theatre.”

Stage-Tom-Sawyer-sideLaura Berkompas, one of the scenic designers for the show, is hesitant to comply with Wallace’s plans.

“This is the worst idea ever,” said Berkompas. “I’m not sure how exactly we’re expected to fit a 100 year old tree, roots and all, through the door of the theatre. This is why we spend so much time building a fake set that is lighter but still looks realistic.”

Still, Wallace is adamant that using a real set will draw people in.

“I thought about doing the show outside, so that Laura would be more willing to go for it,” Wallace said. “But I think people will be really impressed when we pull this off. Also, since this show is being considered for performance at the American College Theatre Festival, the people in charge of that will definitely let us perform the show at the festival this year when they see how committed we are.”

Other members of the theatre department agree with Wallace’s plan. Teresa Ter Haar, one of Wallace’s colleagues, has decided to stand by his decision.

“I really hate how everyone is shooting down this idea, saying that it’s not possible. I believe that in theatre, we should say yes and be open to ideas,” said Ter Haar. “I see no reason why we shouldn’t try this idea.”

Other people in the Dordt community are also excited for this show to be performed again. President Hoekstra has announced his support of the endeavor.

“I like rocks,” said Hoekstra.

Instead of doing the next three shows in Dordt’s scheduled theatre season, the department’s time and effort will be put towards trying to figure out how to bring these realistic elements into the set. The performance dates have yet to be determined, due to the uncertainty of how much time it will take to get this project done. But be looking for further updates as to when you can see ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Real Version.’

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