Relationship status added to DCC

Zesty Snicklefarts – Staff Writer

Everyone knows that Dordt students are obsessed with dating. Well, now it will be even easier to find out who’s dating and who’s still available.

Dordt administrators are working on an addition to the directory on Dordt’s student website. Pretty soon, the directory tell you everyone’s relationship status as well as their major, hometown, and room number. Sandy Reitsma of Computer Services believes that this new element is crucial to the dating game here at Dordt.

“Students will no longer have to guess or awkwardly ask around to see if someone’s single or not,” said Reitsma. “Our hopes are that this will enable students to discreetly search online to get their questions answered. Our goal is to aid students in finding a significant other with much less hassle.”Relationship Staus

The Computer Services staff plans to send surveys to every student so that the proper information can be added to the directory. In addition, students will be able to make changes to their status as needed. Doug Tinklenberg of Computer Services says that there will be many choices of status to choose from.

“Among the options for relationship status will be: ‘single and ready to mingle,’ ‘single but too busy with homework,’ ‘looking for a casual relationship,’ ‘it’s complicated,’ ‘taken,’ ‘basically engaged,’ ‘engaged,’ and ‘married,’” said Tinklenberg. “Our dream was that those who are single could list what they’re looking for in a significant other, but we just decided that would take up too much space and would too closely resemble a dating website.”

Before putting this idea into action, Computer Services had to get it approved by President Hoekstra. However, this was no problem, since Hoekstra supports it completely.

“I believe it’s extremely important that all students use this new feature,” said Hoekstra. “Please make sure you keep it updated as needed, as this will minimize the amount of confusion among people who want to date you. And let’s be honest, there’s almost certainly someone out there who will be searching for you.”

Hoekstra also believes that this method is much better than stalking someone’s Facebook page.

“We’re deliberately discouraging use of the word ‘creeping’. To say that this is ‘creeping’ has a negative connotation to the whole thing,” said Hoekstra. “There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy research. Besides, if anyone catches you searching someone on the Dordt directory, you can just pretend you’re innocently curious about what their major is. No big deal!”

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