Mystery of library coffe unveiled

Five Dice Dweller – Staff Writer

Deep within the archives of the John & Louise Hulst Library, more than books have been found. On Oct. 31, in one of the conference rooms in the basement of Dordt’s library, a small hidden door was found.

“I didn’t really feel like going to the Halloween dance. I had previously twisted my ankle from breakdancing too hard under the clock tower a couple of days earlier so I just decided to do some reading,” said senior Caleb Vanderhill.

“I accidentally brushed my pencil off the table with my elbow while reading my favorite book Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and it rolled under a small wooden cabinet. When I pulled it away from the wall I found a small hidden door.” Desperate for answers, Vanderhill was able to acquire the help of junior, Kaylie Ogle, to check out the hidden area.

coffee“It was pretty sketchy, but Caleb said that he would pay me in trident layers to check it out,” said Ogle. “With the help of a green glow-stick necklace from the Halloween dance, she was able to find a small light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Once she pulled the string, the room was illuminated by a faint yellow glow. Inside the small, hidden space, Kaylie was amazed to find one wall lined with ancient Folgers coffee containers and the other lined with excessively old encyclopedia volumes all about cats.

“There were seven long bookshelves on two opposing walls. There were 10 Folgers containers on each shelf absolutely covered in dust and there were 30 cat encyclopedias.” Determined to understand the confusing room, they caught Darlene Reichert, the Public Services Desk Supervisor, right before she was about to make her grand exit out of the library.

“We had hoped it would never come to this. We thought we were going to be able to keep this a secret for all of Dordt’s existence,” said Reichert.

The secret of the Folgers containers and the cat encyclopedias are the secret to the library coffee.

“Back in the 70s, they cut our coffee and coffee filter budget. They knew they couldn’t stop setting out coffee. How else were the students going to keep themselves awake at 11p.m. or have regular bowel movements? It would be an injustice,” said Reichert.

“The head of the library stocked up on over 500 Folgers containers at the time. She also decided to start filtering the coffee with pages from that old set of encyclopedias all about cats. It was her least favorite volume of books because she had a feline allergy.”

What Ogle and Vanderhill were not aware of was the other door at the other side of the room in the hidden space.

“The other door leads to another room that at one time was filled with cat encyclopedias and Folgers containers. Unfortunately, we are running low. There are only 70 containers and 30 cat books left,” said Reichert.

With the unveiling of the secret, no one has reacted differently. The coffee still helps individuals stay awake and do homework at 11p.m. The regular bowel movements are still alive and well. Knowing that the coffee is almost 50 years old and being filtered by old pages from cat encyclopedias seems to have no effect on the students.

“I have bigger problems. Like finishing Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and figuring out how I’m going to get out of paying Kaylie back in trident layers,” said Vanderhill.


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