Like, OMG, it’s 1-D

@x_MarryMeZynMalik1D_x – Staff Writer

The day that FOUR comes out, I am literally going to die.  After Midnight Memories, I can’t even anymore.  I’m talking about 1D, and if you didn’t know that, you can go step into traffic for not knowing about these five British gods.

Where do I begin? Well, I suppose I could talk about their music. They are without a doubt the voices of our generation.  If you combine their voices with their good looks, they are the best.

Can I just talk about how hot these guys are for a second?

Louis is really cute. He’s never serious and it makes him so lovable.  He has gorgeous sea green (I would call them sea foam) eyes, and brown hair that’s always rumpled. If I had to compare him to an animal, he would be an otter, but not an ugly one. He would be a cute otter like the one I saw on the internet that had a huge smile.  He would waddle up to you and look at you with that smile and those perfect teeth and you would feel your heart melt and drip into your socks. Even though he acts like a goofball all the time, I know that if I was dating him he would be able to be serious and hold me in his warm arms.

When I think of Niall, shivers run all up and down my spine. When he walks down the stairs onto the pier in “You & I,” you know you’re going to be alright. He’s incredibly cute, with bleach blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He also looks like he’s the youngest of the group, which only makes him more adorable. I would definitely date him, or at least want him to be my best friend that always makes me laugh when I’m sad. I could just look him in the eyes and it would remind me of the funniest memories of my life.1D

Liam looks the most like a model. He always dresses the most proper, and it makes him really debonair.  He has brown-reddish eyes, kind of like a mix between a campfire and a dirt road. He also has a birth mark on his neck that makes him stand out so much. He always is well-composed, and seems to be the smartest one of the group, which is super-hot. One of the best things about Liam is when he grows a beard because it makes him look really mature.

The most popular of the group is Harry, which instantly puts him near the top of the list for me.  His hair is his most well-known feature, with many people commenting on it. His hair is probably the best hair a guy has ever had.  If he was my boyfriend, I would run my hands through his hair all the time. Even if he told me to stop. I would spend at least ten dollars for conditioner for him, and I would force him to keep it long forever. He is playful, but also serious, and I think he knows how to have a good time. His tattoos are really hot, and they are deep, so that’s even better. Many people don’t know, but he has a crooked smile that stays crooked even he talks.  I would make fun of it all the time if we were dating.

But my favorite is Zayn.  Zayn Malik. Zayn is straight-up SEXY. He kind of looks like Andrew Garfield (drool), and is the mysterious, brooding one. He has perfect black hair, and he has dark eyes. He would be the ultimate boyfriend, and I think he would be a very passionate husband too. The only problem I could see would be that he is a Muslim, which my parents wouldn’t like, but I could probably convince them to be alright with it. How could they object when he is that sexy? I mean, take one look at his five o’clock shadow and tell me he isn’t perfect. With that chiseled chin and amazing body – how could you want any more? Zayn is the hottest one, by far. Up there with Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and Liam Hemsworth.

Look for Four to hit shelves and online resources on November 17.

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