Intramurals go varsity in new GPAC expansion

Byker Wanna-Be – Staff Writer

Dordt co-ed intramurals will go varsity and will play in national competition and conference play as well. This means that Dordt will allow the champions of each co-ed sport to play in a conference tournament that will lead to a youthteamsportsnational championship.

The rankings for seeds will depend on the scouts, since now the schools in the conference will allow scouts to attend the intramurals to rank the best teams. Although this brings a chance to go further with co-ed sports in national championships, it will also get rid of some sports such as badminton and beach volleyball, since there are just too many teams. These sports will still be junior varsity.

The trophy that will be given out to the winning teams of the Dordt intramurals will be called The Try Hard Cup. The cup will stand 6 feet tall and weigh 30 pounds. The names of all champions to be placed on the cup. The trophy will cost the college a year’s worth of tuition. After the Dordt championships conclude, the teams will be allowed to stay in the best hotels. Just as the varsity sports get the best possible support, so will the intramurals.

Dordt students are ecstatic about the new opportunities for intermural sports. Dora the explorer said, “It’s an exciting new thing on campus! I can’t wait for me and Boots to be able to play in these games.”

Another Dordt student Micah Swanky said, “I can’t wait to drop some bombs on the kids from Northwestern. They won’t know what will hit them when I come around.”

All the kids on campus are excited for the new varsity games, and as the games begin, more and more competition will be created. No longer will the games will be a chance for a t-shirt. Watching the games and participation will come with a cost.

Payment for the trophy and to pay for the trips to the conference and national tournaments will now come from the teams. All the teams will now have to donate 100 dollars to the account for this new transformation. Although the 100 dollars is not bad, the account will start at a 15,000 dollar donation from a Dordt alumni who played intramurals and just wants to help. He has to be unnamed. He did send the note saying to the students of Dordt, “Go out there and kick the butts of Northwestern. I can’t stand them.”

This transformation will take place next year during the spring of 2016. The sports that will be in the first season and have a chance to play in conference and national tournaments will be floor hockey, basketball and dodgeball.

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