I have a dream

Defender Dreamer- Columnist

PrintI have a dream that one day Dordt College will have one non-dry building—Kuyper Apartments. A place where no one will live with the fear of being busted because of a beer can, a place where there is no need for Kuyper 13 to host events like “Oct-sober” fest, where there are no worries of spilling drinks from cups on the floor (or already ingested ones) since there is no carpet, a place where students will be able to have a cool and relaxing drink after Core 399 or a bad test. I have a dream that one day, right there around that awkward bean-shaped table, girls and guys from Dordt will join voices and glasses and cheer for their last year of College and for the future that is to come.

I have a dream that Jake Byma will one day make to the top ten Dordt Alumni and compete with Jimmy Fallon by having his own entertainment program on national television. This will be the day that DC Cribz will be broadcasted by MTV showing what the Defender Dream is all about.

I have a dream that Core 399 will no longer be a mandatory class for every student, and that Dordt’s Library will have life savers every day of the week not only on historical characters’ or staff birthdays.

I have a dream that one day James Franco and Seth Rogen will be the First Monday Speakers, and that the grille will be open on Saturdays and Sundays.

I have a dream that one day the Hockey games will be free, and that Dordt’s Login server won’t crash during registration.

I have a dream that a new bar will open in Sioux Center and that we will be able to use defender dollars there.

I have a dream that one day Sioux Center and East Hall will no longer smell bad but that an air freshener fragrance will flow with the wind and around the wings in the Hall. That will be the day that the only smell of hot dogs will come from my kitchen and not from my window.

I have a dream today! But I also have homework today, so I better stop trying to be Martin Luther King Jr. and go back to my readings and math.

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