Dordt Dances: Rad

Meggie Folchart – Staff Writer

Maybe you heard about the title given to Dordt College this summer—we were called the “lamest” party school in Iowa. Some people took it as a joke and brushed it off, but others were upset. They wanted to change that.

There needed to be a change if Dordt was to get some serious street cred as the party school it truly can be, so Student Services decided to up its game whDancesen it comes to the Friday night Dordt Dances.

When things changed this year, so did that title. From now on, Dordt holds the title of Best Party School in Iowa. Some 60 colleges in the state were ranked on their level of party life and student activities, and Dordt made a record-breaking ascension from last place to first, narrowly beating out Iowa State.

Northwestern ranked 59 out of the 60 colleges considered, only ranking above a small community college in the central area of the state.

Dordt College has accomplished its goal by making sure the events on Friday nights are the coolest parties that the students could ask for. It’s important that students have the most fun they possibly can at the Friday night Dordt Dances.

Most recently, there was a dance on Halloween evening that some students called “the best party they’ve been to all year,” while others said it may have perhaps been the most exciting night of their life so far.

The DJs only spun the freshest beats to keep Dordt students moving the entire night. Everyone was pumped up because the atmosphere was energy-inducing. There were bright and colorful strobe lights everywhere, highlighting the smiles on each student’s face.

“The only thing that could have made the night better was if they had played One Direction music!” said one grinning freshman, who spent the night dancing with guys who were, in her words, “as hot as the Iowa version of One Direction.”

What made it even better for some students were the refreshments. The lemonade ran out halfway through the dance because students were dancing so much that they needed to cool down. The cherry Kool-Aid was absolutely clutch for the night, and it set a totally party-like atmosphere. How could it get better than that?

“Who needs to drink alcohol when there’s cherry Kool-Aid and a party like this?” said a senior, who brought his friends to this dance because he knew how hype it was going to be. They all agreed that Dordt dances are the best out of any college parties they have attended.

Now students can feel confident in their decision to attend Dordt College, the top party school in Iowa.

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