Digital Media majors credited for hauling recording equipment

Clark Griswald – Staff Writer

Dordt administration has decided to allow digital media majors to apply lugging videography equipment to and from the library toward their Core 135 credit.

Core 135, lifetime activities, are classes in which students are encouraged to live actively by meeting once a week for a burst of physical animation which will presumably be continued through the rest of the student’s life.

As well as the current options, which include badminton, basketball and racquetball, digital media majors will have the option to turn what used to be drudgery into real life college credit.

The little bit of fitness gleaned from carting around cameras, tripods and assorted cords and cables will no longer be considered an aspect of the digital media production major.

This whiff of healthiness in a major that otherwise involves students staring at a screen all day, will get the academic recognition it deserves starting in the fall of 2015.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Getting worthless physical credit implicitly wrapped up in a digital media production major is just what we needed,” digital media professor Mark Volkers said. “Some of these young men and women are losing sight of their passions and being buried by too many reps with the equipment.”

The director of campus health, Beth Baas was asked to detail the health benefits of the new digital media health and human performance credit.

“Rolling big boxes around has miniscule impact on student wellness,” Baas said. “But neither does playing an hour of badminton.”

Digital media major Nathan Walter spoke to the perks and prosperity of his experience with the special bond between digital media and hauling heavy objects across campus.

“I am way more ripped since coming to college,” he said. “I think that it’s high time that Dordt recognized the physical side of what we do.”

Sophomore Domenic Vermeulen also listed hauling crates full of mics, chips and other burdensome objects of filmmaking among the top reasons his body is in the condition it is.

“Shifting that equipment on a regular basis is the only reason that I am as buff as this,” Vermeulen said. “It’s not like I work out or anything.”

A combined contingent of engineering clubs, the ASCEASMEIEEE has submitted a petition to expand the new policy from strictly digital media HHP credit to a general heavy lifting credit.

Club leader Jonathan Isaac Disselkoen, said the policy would allow engineering majors to add their backpacks with math and physics textbooks to the list of unnecessarily enormous objects that qualify as heavy lifting.

“If we are going to risk chronic back pain for the rest of our lives, we may as well get college credit for it,” said Disselkoen.

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