A cheesy affair

Miss Kraft – Staff Writer

Education Professor Dave Mulder shares his love of foreign cheeses with the student body.

“It all started when I was in I was teaching middle school science,” Mulder said. “We were conducting an experiment on how to properly add bacteria to milk to make cheese.”

Though many agree cheese isn’t particularly a pleasantly fragranced food, Mulder thinks otherwise.

“I love everything about cheese,” he said.

Cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan, Mozzarella, the list goes on and on. Mulder’s knowledge of foreign chesses and his study of its cultures are what make up most of his free time.

“I’m kind of a ‘cheese nerd,’” he said. “There’s just something about it.”

In April of 2010, Mulder and his family took a trip to Italy to go cheese tasting. Mulder gained deeper knowledge of cheese families and types, and eventually began writing a blog to share his love of cheese with the public.

“You can find my site at www.mulderscheese.com,” he said. “It may sound boring, but I encourage you to take a look, you might find the information surprising and maybe even useful in your everyday life.”

Mulder is a part of the monthly cheese tasting mailing list, a member of the International Cheese Tasting Association (ICTA), and co-president of the Colby Jack Foundation.

“When I’m not teaching here at Dordt, you can safely assume I’m eating cheese,” he said. “The best part about this passion of mine is that my family shares it with me. We all have such a love for the food, we eat it at almost every evening meal together.”

Mulder’s love for cheese and his passion for education are finally coming together.

Mulder plans on teaching a food science course next semester which will focus on the benefits of eating cheese as well as the study of types and cultures.

“I encourage everyone to check it out,” he said. “It’s only a one credit class, and it can help you realize how important it is in your daily diet.”

Mulder encourages the knowledge and consumption of every kind of cheese throughout

“My favorite will always be cheddar,” said Mulder. “It’s a classic, and it never gets old.”

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