Student Feature: Jessica Lilo

Jessica Eli (1 of 1)Haley Mulder – Staff Writer

Junior Jessica Lilo strongly believes in the concept of “dress well, test well.”

“I wear my batman shirt complete with the cape every day that I have a test to take.”

In her own words, it’s “dress like batman, test like batman.”

Lilo wishes she could wear capes everyday to school. If only it was socially acceptable.

“I love adventure and fantasy. You can tell from the outfits that I wear that I like to be creative.”

She owns a fairly large collection of adventurous costume pieces that she enjoys wearing to express her highly creative personality.

Lilo attained her love of adventure through her favorite film, “The Lord of the Rings.”

“I love movies, learning about history reading, and just being creative in general,” said Lilo. “What I love the most about being creative and wearing costumes is that it gives me the ability to step into a different character and persona.”

Lilo is a digital media major, originally from Omaha, Nebraska. She came to Dordt as a transfer student from a community college in her hometown, and she couldn’t be happier with where she decided to go to school.

She spends most of her free time working at the Dordt costume shop, watching her favorite television series, hanging out with friends or sketching and drawing.

Lilo isn’t quite sure what she wants to do after she graduates, but she knows it will involve her passion for film, adventure and her ability to express creativity without worrying about what others think.

Lilo dawns bright red hair and a smile that displays her eccentric personality.

“I do what I want for myself, not for anyone else. I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me-I never have.”

Lilo is an easygoing, talented junior who brings a whole new level of creative originality to campus.  And she’s also been told she’s a great listener.

In her room on the left side underneath a huge “Lord of the Rings” poster sits a comfy couch with a title above it reading, “The Therapy Couch.”

“We use it for everything,” she said. “Weather that’s for a small chat, venting, or just hanging out.”

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