Narayan’s Knowledge

Narayan Núñez Blandón – Columnist 

I want to call Bruce Braley and tell him to stand for Iowa and to reform and fix the VA because he is doing everything wrong. At the same time I do not want to believe Joni Ernst’s broken promises, lies, and wrong ideas for Iowans. I want to do all of this because of one simple reason: Political advertisements narnuin Youtube are telling to do so.

As any typical, financially-broken student, I barely make enough money per month to feed myself and hang out with friends. Since I can’t afford to buy music –and since downloading music from Torrentz would be a deadly sin for some people–I simply use Youtube to listen to my favourite hits. Sadly enough, almost every time a new song is about to be played, I have to live with the same repetitive advertisements that say:  “Tell Congressman Braley Obamacare is hurting Iowa families and we deserve better,” or “Joni Ernst is out of touch with middle class families. Don’t let Ernst’s painful ideas become a reality.”

I know that I am a foreigner in this country, but if just for this one occasion I suddenly become a U.S. citizen capable of voting, the first thought that would run in my mind would be: Who can I trust!? After studying in an American school for 6 years in Nicaragua, my home country, and living in the U.S. for almost 4 years, I believe I have fair understanding of American politics. Nevertheless, I still find it complicated to determine which candidate stands for what and why.

According to Youtube and my TV, Joni Ernst is a farmer, a mother, a soldier, a conservative who wants to help the Iowan families and reduce spending. But she also shuts downs educational programs and budgets, allows polluters to contaminate the environment we live in, and sponsors amendments that increase spending.

The media says that Bruce Braley is a farmer and a law expert that stays strong for the Iowan families and veterans. He wants to eliminate tax breaks from companies that outsource the American jobs and cut taxes for companies that hire American workers.  Nevertheless, he apparently misses most of the veteran meetings, protects trial lawyers, and looks down upon farmers in Iowa.

Ironically both Braley and Ernst want to repeal Obama care, cut spending and defend the Iowans. Yet the violent advertising that each party posts each other reveals the opposite: they are both fighting for Washington’s interests, both support Obamacare and vote for activities that increase spending.

Before coming to the United States, I had never in my life seen political candidates offend each other in such a violent yet subtle manner. Many of their ads are full of odious insinuations about their rivals. One part of me applauds the ingenious use of the implicit message that says “vote for me because I am not like her or him,” but the other part of me feels disgusted by the repulsive battle to expose each other’s inner secrets and truths.

Am I one of the few that thinks this entire confrontation among political leaders is a bit ridiculous? Would it not be better for the political candidates to express in their ads what they stand for and what they have done for the Iowan families?  Am I one of the few that thinks that this rigorous political competition causes nothing else but a bad reputation to political figures and the political system?

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