High school one-act festival takes place

Lauren Bird – Staff Writer

On November 6 and 7, students from six Christian high schools from the nearby area will travel to Dordt for a theatre festival. During their visit, the students will participate in theatre workshops and will perform one act plays in conjunction with Dordt’s Theater festival.

This year will be the fifth year that the high school one act festival has taken place at Dordt. This year, the high schools that will be attending are Cono Christian, Central Minnesota Christian, Lincoln Christian, Siouxland Christian, Maranatha Christian, and Southwest Minnesota Christian.

During their first day, students will be attending workshops for costuming, scenic painting, theatre makeup, and other components of theatre. Taylor Leach, a Dordt junior, will be leading a found-object puppetry workshop.

“Ever since I attended a puppetry workshop at a theatre festival last year, I’ve been really excited about it. Puppets are being used in a lot of theatre today. I’m planning for my workshop to be really hands-on. I want the students to just go for it,” said Leach.

According to Teresa Ter Haar, one of Dordt’s theatre professors, one of the main purposes of the festival is to serve the students who visit Dordt.

“Theatre is about more than just putting on plays. We can share the excitement of theatre, teach theatre, practice hospitality, and affirm students. Sometimes theatre students in high school feel left out because their program is not supported well.

At the festival, we can share our passion and they can be around people who love theatre as much as they do,” said Ter Haar.

Each school will be performing a one act play on the second day of the festival. After the performances, each school will receive feedback from a group of Dordt theatre students. Together, the workshops, performances, and overall trip will let the high school students see what college life and college theatre is like.

“I always enjoy bringing students to Dordt. It gives them a chance to look at what this school does. We also have the opportunity to talk and have interactions with them, and we can help them make decisions about where to go to college,” said Leach.

While the general public is discouraged to attend any of the one acts due to limited space, Ter Haar and Leach hope that people will hear about the festival and see the ways in which theatre can be used to give back to the community.

“The festival helps us use theatre in a different way than usual. We often get inwardly focused on the shows that we do, and this expands our focus beyond what we do in this department. Theatre is a collaborative art, and these types of things are important to us,” said Ter Haar.

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