Coffee shop named: Bunsen Brew

Lauren Bird – Staff Writer

When the science building addition was built this summer, a little coffee shop was added, but remained unnamed for the first few months of the new school year. Now the coffee shop had been officially named thBunson Brew Eli (1 of 1)e Bunsen Brew, and students have had time to get used to what it has to offer.

Cody Kaemingk, the president of Dordt’s business club, believes that the Brew has been a big hit so far.

“We feel like the Bunsen Brew has been received well. Sales are going well and we are making little changes along the way to better serve the student body. The fresh cinnamon rolls every morning have quickly become one of our best selling items. Being a completely student run business, we receive input on almost everything we do,” said Kaemingk.

There seem to be mixed feelings on this new part of campus, though many students tend to have a positive view of the coffee shop. One of the factors that seems to have students most excited about the Bunsen Brew is the fact that it sells cinnamon rolls from Casey’s Bakery in town. Stephanie Korthuis, a Dordt sophomore, has a general appreciation for the Brew.

“I like that there is a coffee shop on this side of campus now and I love that they have cinnamon rolls. I would love if they had a more comfortable area to sit and hang out with friends or work on homework,” said Korthuis.

There are a few tables and chairs around the coffee shop, as well as a large set of stairs that many students sit on. However, many students, like freshman Mark Jelsma, stop by to buy food on their way to class.

“I buy a cinnamon roll almost every day. I like how the shop serves food, but I wish it would open earlier so I can get food before my 8:00 class,” said Jelsma.

Kaemingk says that the main purpose of the Brew is for students to stop by for food on their way to class.

“We are already seeing that having the Bunsen Brew in the science building is helping us reach a whole new demographic in the morning hours. With the Bunsen Brew, we are able to better serve those customers on their way to class and while they are waiting on the new study steps. The Bunsen Brew is obviously limited in size, but we believe this gives us the opportunity to offer more grab and go type options,” said Kaemingk.

Since the Bunsen Brew is in the science building, some students who don’t have classes in the science building may not make purchases there. Calvin Wunderink, a sophomore, says he hasn’t bought anything from the Brew.

“I don’t have all that many classes in the science building at a time where I’m hungry. Furthermore, I just haven’t really gotten around to it yet, though I would like to use it at some point,” said Wunderink.

“I do want to buy something at some point and I like that it is there,” he said.

A few weeks ago, a survey was sent out to students so that a name could be picked for the coffee shop. Eventually, the name Bunsen Brew was selected and a fancy sign was made for the front of the shop.

“I wasn’t sure about the name at first, but it’s grown on me and I really like it. It’s clever,” said Korthuis.

Other students don’t feel the same about the name. Erica Hughes, a junior, likes the cinnamon rolls, but not the name of the shop.

“Cinnamon rolls are my favorite food, so I use the shop for that reason. But I don’t like two things about the coffee shop: the name because it’s lame, and the fact that they only sell things with sugar in them,” said Hughes.

The business club does have some plans for the Brew’s future.

“We have started out with the Casey’s Bakery cinnamon rolls, and tried some almond patties for a couple weeks. We are still looking into some more lunch type options in cooperation with local businesses so keep an eye on that menu,” said Kaemingk.

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