Art Exhibit by Harold Sikkema

Meagen De Graaf – Staff Writer 

The Dordt College art department is at it once again! Until November 30, there will be a new photography exhibit located in the Campus Center, in the art gallery across from the Eckhardt Lounge.

This exhibit is entitled “I am curious: awe and oddity in the otherverse,” and it’s a show featuring mostly photographs and artistic creations by visual artist Harold Sikkema, an artist from Caledonia, Ontario.

Professor David Versluis, of the art department, calls this exhibition an “exceptional visual banquet celebrating the myriad of images from the digital curios of Harold Sikkema.”

The exhibit is all about curiosity in the world and discovering what unique parts of creation there are that go unnoticed. Harold Sikkema tries to capture those moments that are often forgotten in the rush of life.

He photographs the small moments, and most of his works are not big-picture photographs, but pictures of little details. He captures theses nuances of life because they are small but meaningful, and he hopes they will invoke curiosity.

What makes his art so interesting is the way he creates his pictures. Each photograph hanging on the wall is not just a single shot. Each one is made up of many pictures, sometimes a hundred or more of them. The shots are then layered together to create one impressive artwork.

“These digital tapestries or Adobe Photoshop montages have more than a hundred layers. The artiIMG_9503stry is revealed through manipulating images on layers that lay beneath the surface,” said Sikkema.

Freshman Mary Van Wyk is one student who took the time to walk around the exhibit and look at all the interesting pictures on the walls. Each photograph is so different from the next that each requires its own time of attention.

She said that she is impressed with the kind of variety in art that Dordt College welcomes into their gallery.

“It’s cool to take a second to look at abstract photography like this,” said Van Wyk, studying one of the photographs. Each one has its own way of invoking thought.

Other students milled about the small room, glancing at the picture-covered walls and taking in the way the sunlight hit the panels in the center of the space. These panels, which are made out of a clear sheet of plastic-like material, feature designs that look like trees.

Every part of the show has a creative, artistic feel to it—even the artist’s business cards are made of a film-like material, and have a similar look to the panels hanging in the exhibit.

The show will be running until November 30, so there is still time to take advantage of it. This is an opportunity for college students to take a look at professional photography without even leaving campus!

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