Spolight on clubs: Students Without Borders

Narayan Núñez Blandón – Staff Writer

The Students Without Borders Club (SWB) concluded their second activity of the month on Saturday Oct. 11th. But instead of organizing an activity that focused on celebrating culture and diversity and on raising awareness on current issues as usual, they celebrated its members’ birthdays for the months of September and October with food, music and games.

In the Kuyper Loft, a group of students gathered to celebrate the birthdays of eleven members of the club. The board members of the club decorated the room and baked some cakes to give to the invitees. Before singing the traditional Happy Birthday song and blowing out the candles, they played a round musical chairs.

The club’s co-head of events, Viviana García, stated that the birthday celebration event was successful in bringing different people together. She believes the activities organized thSmaller (8 of 8)rough SWB have the potential to unite the student body at Dordt.

“We try to invite international students and non-international students in activities they can enjoy,” García said. “In our activities we acknowledge the members and participants and allow them to have good time with one another.”

The club has a busy agenda for the rest of October. The club’s board members have been planning a trip to Pumpkinland, a corn maze located in Orange City, as the first meeting of their Cultural Engagement Series.

Abby Van Gelder, a junior majoring in nursing, is an active club member. She considers her experience at SWB very enjoyable. She values how SWB also provides foreign freshman, transferred or exchange students activities to adapt to the culture of the United States and understand the current events in the country.

“I think it is nice to get to know international students because you can get to know their culture,” Van Gelder said. “(The international students) came to America, (so) we can show them, too, what it is to be here: it’s fun. The events allows us to get to know each other better.”

SWB’s co-president, Schuyler Carter, expressed one of the goals of the club. “SWB is a place where celebrating cultural differences and exposing others to different cultures are the two main priorities,” she said. “(SWB) is the kind of club that is dedicated to highlighting the need for cultural understanding on this campus. We’re definitely worth checking out because we got some great things in store for this semester.”

Any student interested on knowing more about the club and its activities can reach Schuyler Carter via email, or send an email to spectrum@dordt.edu to the rest of the board members.

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