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Haley Mulder – ColumnistHaley column

Yes, it’s a tragic thing to be bullied based on an uncontrollable aspect of your physical appearance. Such a shameful event to be mocked because of the color of your hair. My name was changed while attending high school. It was a name associated with a strange looking spice. One full of regret.


Now, in high school I hated the aspect of myself that was my bright reddish-orange hair. I despised it. I remember daydreaming of dying my hair black, only to be awoken by snide remarks made by my fellow classmates.

I have been called many odd names. Hot Cheeto, Sun, Chuckie, Soul-stealer Fireball, and many more. But, of course, Ginger was the worst one. My softball team actually convinced me to write it on the back of my team sweatshirt. Giving in to peer pressure was a struggle for me.

But alas, here I am. Virgin hair, untouched by any color or chemical processes, still as bright a red as ever.

And I’m here to say that I’m proud to be a Ginger.

Sure, we all hate certain aspects of our outward appearance, but it’s time to embrace the things you may not always appreciate.

Maybe it’s your freckles, your nose, or an unusual-sized mole on your chin. No matter what bothers you about yourself, you were made to be YOU. So embrace it!

I’ve moved on from my past and have learned to love my red hair, despite what people may think about it, because if I didn’t have red hair, I just wouldn’t be Haley.

So, I present a challenge to my readers: take that one thing you hate about yourself and do your best to turn it into something that you love. All it takes is a little confidence and self-acceptance.

Go out there and rock what you got. Chances are, the things that people make fun of you about are the things they are the most envious of.

So the next time someone calls me a Ginger, I turn, flip my hair and smile.

Just like that; I’m a Ginger and proud.

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