Defender Days comes to Dordt College campus

Lydia Marcus – Staff Writer

Soon, multitudes of parents, siblings, and alumni will flood Dordt’s campus.

What is the occasion? Defender Days.Defender Days

“Last year we combined Parents Weekend and Alumni Weekend for the first time,” said Dianne De Wit, promotional programs coordinator. “Things went well, and now Defender Days rolls both those events into an even larger mega event.” Defender Days last from 3:00 p.m. on Thursday to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Defender Days give parents, families, and alumni an opportunity to visit campus and reconnect with Dordt and its mission. “How better to understand the mission of an institution than to immerse yourself in it for a day or two?” said De Wit.

The SAC has planned a variety of activities for the campus visitors. “There are more activities planned than is humanely possible to do,” said De Wit. Visitors have the opportunity watch athletic events, the fall theatre production “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” and music concerts. Visitors may also attend seminars, class reunions, brunches, dinners, and chapel.

De Wit described Defender Days as the “do not miss event” of the year; people from all over the country participate. People responded positively to the Alumni and Parent weekend last year, and Defender Days registration has been promising this year as well.

Though alumni and families are the primary audience for Defender Days, students have the opportunity to participate as well.  “Student services is spearheading a Spirit Week when students will be encouraged to dress up according to a theme in order to win prizes,” said De Wit. Students are encouraged to participate in any of the weekend’s events.

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