Theatre Alive: coming to a classroom near you

Meagen DeGraaf – Staff Writer

The classrooms are alive with the sound of theatre! From October 8 to December 5, this statement will be true. That is because the theatre department has decided to do something they call “theatre alive.”

This is an annual event in the theatre department. This year, a large group of students will participate, including students studying theatre as well as those interested in performance.

Many students don’t know a lot about the theatrical arts, and this program aims to bring theatre into every aspect of education. English, music, social work, and Spanish are just a few of the departments that will get to experience this event.IMG_9129

Professors in these departments can suggest different pieces that pertain to their course, and actors involved in the theatre department come to the class and perform those pieces.

“Our department feels strongly that theatre can be used for many different purposes other than entertainment,” said Teresa Ter Haar, professor of theatre arts at Dordt College.

It might be fun to go watch a play, but theatre can be more than that. It doesn’t have to be purely for fun—it can teach as well.

The works presented will be educational, and will pertain to the subject being taught. The actors will present information in a new, interesting way. That being said, students might also gain an interest for the theatrical arts as well.

“Theatre Alive also helps students who might not normally go to a play see that theatre is something understandable and maybe even fun!” Professor Ter Haar hopes students may see things in a new way.

It is quite possible that students will have the chance to literally see things they have read in a new art form. For example, an English class might get to see a scene from one of the books they read in class.

Sometimes, a professor might even keep the actors there throughout class to involve them in discussions about the subject matter expressed in these plays.

Not only will students learn something new in their classes because of this, but theatre students will also be able to gain a lot of performance experience. Just like one might intern in a business if majoring in marketing, these actors are gaining valuable experience through acting in Theatre Alive.

This is also a great opportunity for performers and directors alike. For this season of production, Chris Geels and Angie Johnson will be assisting as student directors, and Professor Ter Haar will serve as a coordinator.

The theatre department hopes that this will be a positive experience for both those acting and those viewing this exciting event.

Stay awake in classes from October 8 to December 5, because there just might be a theatrical performance in the middle of a lecture!

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