Ladz’ Corner

Aaron Ladzinski – Columnistcolumnist.ladzinsky

Hymns? You mean hmmm like a hummingbird? No I mean the songs that people sing at church. Yes, those. I don’t like them nor the idea of them. Will people disagree with me? Without a doubt they will. But this me showing the other side of the story.

The other story is the contemporary worship songs not lead by an organ or all having one low voice. These songs are ones expanding to all different varieties of music. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that all types of worship bring praise to our Lord. Nor is any way better than another. But I believe in many churches, contemporary worship is lacking. The freedom it gives is different than hymns: you can just feel it going through you. It seems to bring life and joy! There is something about lifting my hands in the air and feeling the bass or hearing the guitar. I come from a church that is contemporary, and I love its style of worship. I look forward to it every single time the music starts to play. People agree with me that you can feel something inside. So why is it that when I sing hymns I can’t relate or get that feeling? The feeling everyone knows when your arm hair is sticking up. When your soul just feels at peace.

Hymns don’t give me those strong feelings. The meaning behind these songs is perfect, but they are becoming outdated and are often no longer a part of the modern church. The modern church uses songs from the Newsboys or Hillsong United. These songs bring something new that was once turned away from the church. The question is, why not incorporate new songs into the old ways? What’s wrong with change? Change is coming, and people need to get on board. Starting with these hymns we need to develop something people can relate to. We are the next generation, so why aren’t we the people that should influence the church? Everyone knows our music is based around alterative and pop music so why not change hymns into songs that even non-Christians can relate? People have their beliefs, and I have mine, but I believe incorporating these songs would benefit the church, and not hurt it.

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