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Meagen DeGraaf – Staff Writer

Maybe you’ve seen the signs. They’re brightly colored and plastered all over the campus center, with clever sayings in bold print on each one. They all have the same message, as the hashtag #whyintern appears on each one.

Maybe you’ve ignored these signs. Well, that’s your loss. They were advertising Dordt College’s #whyintern week, which featured helpful career advice as well as free food.

Those who attended learned about the great benefits of interning. Sarah Moss, the career center coordinator, said that it is important to go through “experiential learning” to be truly prepared for a career.

Employers will be more likely to hire a student who has had at least one internship, especially if they are just coming out of college. And after getting hired, that student could even start at a higher pay rate than a student who never got the experience during college.

On day 4 of #whyinternweek, at least five students shared their experiences of internships in the agriculture, engineering, and business fields. They talked about how important their internships were to their careers, and urged students to get thinking about doing the same thing.

“The point of this is to get students thinking about internships,” Sarah Moss explained. For many, an internship isn’t the first thing to focus on when starting out the school year. This was an attempt to raise awareness for this important step in a career.

And what better way to encourage poor college students than with free food? Those who took note of the posters went to twitter, where their internship advice tweets earned them a free Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Some joked about the subject, while others offered up seriously helpful advice. Sophomore Michal Hoogland provided a startling statistic. She tweeted that “2/3 of employers pay those with internship experience on average 9% more than those without”.

Jill Vreugdenhil tweeted that students should intern “because flipping burgers really isn’t that fun…”

Internships build job skills, and those skills get jobs after college—good jobs, jobs that pay more than flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Plus, internships can be interesting. A few students tweeted about their own internships from places like Chicago and Los Angeles. It is possible to learn and have fun at the same time, and these students are proving it!

Now is too late to get involved in this year’s #whyintern week, but there are more opportunities available to get involved with this big step in a career. There will also be a Job and Internship fair on October 8 in the campus center. If you want more information about internships, or need help writing a resume or practicing a job interview, then simply contact the Career Development Center for information.intern_logo

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