¡Fiesta! parties on despite the weather

Narayan Núñez Blandón – Staff Writer

“This might be the only time that you might race a goldfish and keep it. You can do whatever you want with it… cook it.” –Derek Buteyn, Learning Community Area Coordinator

Unlike WOW’s slip-and-slide activity that was cancelled at the beginning of the school semester due to weather conditions, La Fiesta was re-located at the Rec Center this past Friday 19. With food for more than 400 students, a playlist that incorporated exhilarating Latino music, and various games, La Fiesta was another successful activity organized by the Student Activity Committee (SAC).

In addition to the various Latin-American songs that the students danced to, students also participated in games such as limbo, the goldfish race, and the piñata, while filling their stomachs with nachos seasoned meat, cheese, sour cream and other condiments.

Although many students lamented the fact that the weather warranted moving the activity from the circle outside Covenant Hall to the Rec Center, they still considered that not canceling La Fiesta was a wise decision by the SAC.Fiesta 5

Nathan Clark, a senior who has attended la Fiesta four years consecutively and who has also contributed to its organization in previous years believes that la Fiesta this year was entertaining.

“I think it is fun outside, but I actually liked that people were dancing inside [too]”, he said, “I like hanging out with people and dancing… music was decent for dancing, too”

Similar to Clark’s opinion, sophomore student Courtney De Wolde believes that La Fiesta could have been different if it was held outdoors, but acknowledges that the activities and the food made the night activity amusing. “It was cool, it kind of stinks that it was moved to the Rec Center. I liked the gold fish races and the nacho are absolutely my favorites at La Fiesta.”

Regardless of the activity’s location, students engaged with the games and the music. Even though many song lyrics were in Spanish or Portuguese, the students showed their different steps and moves.

Derek Buteyn, Dordt’s Learning Community Area Coordinator, says that la Fiesta have been a traditional activity celebrated at Dordt since he was a freshman back in 2007. “It is nice to have an event that everybody can expect. Everybody knows that La Fiesta occurs in fall and that we are going to have a limbo, a piñata, (or) cake walk. It is nice to have a tradition everybody knows about and that people get excited about”

Sita Riblet , also Dordt’s Learning Community Area Coordinator, expressed that this activity’s is for the entire campus to enjoy. “We are not against dancing”, she says, “[La Fiesta] is a way to celebrate a particular kind of culture with the rest of the campus”.

Originally la Fiesta started as a Cinco de Mayo celebration, but as a way to decrease the faculty stress accumulated by the month of May, it was converted into La Fiesta and moved into the fall semester about ten years ago.

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