Airband: back to rock Dordt’s socks off

Eric Rowe – Staff Writer

Whether they are competing for fame, fortune, or just for fun, whether they are battle hardened contestants or finding their style for the first time, they are all prepared to raise the bar and leave it all out on stage.

The second annual Dordt College Airband Competition participants will lip sync and mime the necessary instruments to convince the audience that the music they hear is coming from their air instruments. The predetermined track will play over the BJ Haan speaker system.

The kind of person who signs up to play a musical piece out of thin air is a special breed.

The Brown Brothers, Derick Sackey, Tommy Pomephanh, and Ariel Gomes are one of the few bands with previous airband experience. Both Sackey and Pomephanh placed in last year’s competition in their respective bands. Gomes was the late edition to the group.

“I was sitting in the grill two hours ago and they came up to me,” Gomes said.

After a practice session, Gomes was ready to fill out the trio as the air drummer.

“It was a predestined encounter,” Pomephanh said.

As well as drums, the Brown Brothers plan to play the bass guitar, harmonica, electric keyboard and motorbike.

The members of the band G2 Plus Three are unified by their dislike of stages. They signed up for auditions to overcome their phobia together.

Another band, SleepyJamz, is doing this for the student body and is excited to rock out the show and for the reaction.

“We were going to do it last year but we chickened out,” band member Mark Tiemersma said.

Ryan II Cams will perform ‘The End of the Road’ for competition day. They are looking to bring some soul to this school. They are also seniors looking for some ladies.

Pat McNaughton, a member of ‘Murica!, said about his band’s attitude “We have about half and half experience I think.”AirBand

“We are used to the real deal so we decided to step it down and try our luck,” McNaughton said. “We are ready to shake it off.”

The largest band that auditioned is the nine-membered Masterpiece Collective, headed up by Luke Venhuizen. Masterpiece Collective features a Disney medley compilation.

Venhuizen said that “perfecting our moves, tweaking it, and performing,” is what he is most excited about looking past the audition.

Mathew Augustine coordinates the People’s Own Mandatory Proletariat Official Man band, which will perform a Beatles medley.

“I knew that I wanted to wear a Russian hat in an airband,” Augustine said.

The Bathroom Bandits are composed of five single women, Dorothy De Boer, Heidi De Waal, Megan Slager, Elizabeth Riley and Aubrey Pasker. They came together two days before their audition and promise a crazy show.

As part of the evolution of this event at Dordt, the rules have changed from last year. There is a five minute time limit to the songs and a person cannot be a member of more than one band.

The Emcees for Airband 2014 are Emily Tuuk and Cody Kaemingk. Tuuk and Kaemingk will facilitate tweets during the show. Audience members will have the option to tweet in questions to ask the bands after their performance.

The airband competition is relatively new to Dordt, but Tuuk, Kaemingk and all the competitors hope to exceed any expectations the crowd may have for this show and increase the quality of lip syncing competition on campus.


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