Video experience for five lucky students

Megan Kaiser – Staff Writer

Five Dordt digital media students now know what working for a business takes.

This past summer, Kaylie Ogle, Tanner Brasser, Lance Wunderink, Megan Kaiser, and Courtney Samuel used their film skills and knowledge to create educational web videos that will air worldwide. The company they interned for, GlynLyon, Inc., is a leader in providing educational opportunities and curriculum for a diverse mix of preschool to 12th grade students.

The main pointDigMediaStudentsof the videos was not to teach the lesson, but to show how the lesson applies to real life. Tanner Brasser created a video on the importance of understanding the Pythagorean Theorem. He staged and captured a fun skit, hoping that it would spark the interest of the viewing audience. From showing the importance of rotation, to displaying the relevance of deductive reasoning, 17 videos were created between the five interns.

Over the span of tw o and half months, the individuals did research on their lesson of choice, wrote scripts, found locations, filmed interviews, recorded b-roll, and spent endless hours editing, created After Effects projects, and color corrected. Their videos had to be first approved by digital media professor Mark Volkers, and then approved by Jen Salta, who works at GlynLyon headquarters in Phoenix. Once approved by Salta, the videos were exported and sent off for GlynLyon’s use.

The interns had to find their own actors and individuals to interview. Most tried to schedule interviews in Sioux Center, but a few took place in other locations. A video on fractions was filmed at the Dutch Bakery in Orange City, and a video on the importance of graphs took place at Chrysalis, a bridal salon, also in Orange City. Courtney Samuel, graduate of the 2013-2014 class, was able to conduct an interview with a meteorologist at the local TV station, KCAU, in Sioux City. The interns were also able to interview a pilot from the Sioux Center Municipal Airport.

“Working for Glynlyon this summer was truly an awesome experience. I was fortunate to work with a great team along with Professor Volkers throughout the summer, which made coming to work fun and exciting everyday.” Samuel said.

KaylieThe finished videos were presented on the big screen at the Spark Creative, located right next to the Fruited Plain, on Saturday, Sept. 6. The group gathered together from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. to share their videos with those who were either interviewed or were used as an extra in the videos. Three of the five interns presented their work in person; Wunderink and Samuel were unable to attend.

“Even after seeing the videos over and over again, it is great to see them on the big screen. They worked hard this past summer and it was a lot of fun to watch the progress,” said Professor Volkers. This is the second year that Prairie Grass Productions has worked to create videos for GlynLyon.

The students can now add GlynLyon cinematographer and editor to their resumes, which will benefit them when looking for future jobs in their field.

“Overall, it was great opportunity and experience that allowed me to grow in all areas of Digital Media. If I could, I would do it all over again,” Samuel stated.

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