The Show

Lydia Marcus – Staff Writerphoto 1

Silence falls and the lights go up—it is time for The Show to begin.

Performing The Show as a part of the Week of Welcome celebrations has been a Dordt tradition since the late 1990s. The Show began as a way to introduce new students to some of the issues they might face during their time on campus. The performance also highlights the various resources available to help students during difficult times.

Though The Show may be directed primarily towards the freshmen, upper classmen are encouraged to attend as well. “These issues [addressed in The Show] don’t go away after someone’s first year at Dordt,” commented theatre arts professor Teresa Ter Haar.

Dordt junior Taylor Leach, stage manager and technical support for this year’s performance, recalled her first impression of The Show.

“I remember being shocked a little bit because I wasn’t necessarily expecting Dordt to bluntly address issues like sex and drinking, mainly because I had never had them addressed so directly,” Leach said.

“I thought The Show would be all about rules,” said freshman Tairin Van Tol. “It was really good, though. The actors were good. The things they talked about were really interesting.”

The Show addresses serious issues college students face with an honesty and humor that engages the audience. “Most significantly, the performance tries to ask questions about these issues – not provide answers,” explained Ter Haar.

“Now that you are on your own, you need to prioritize things and make good choices. There aren’t any parents around to hold you responsible,” freshman Stephanie Haan reflected, “You need to be responsible, but it is OK if you don’t do always do everything perfectly.”

The Show illustrates the choices and responsibilities college students have, but it also reminds us that we are all in need of God’s grace.

“To quote The Show, ‘I want to love, I want to be loved.’ We all share in these feelings in some way or another…It’s our nature to search for a community where we fit in and feel accepted,” said Leach, “If there is one thing that students need to take away from The Show, it’s that you don’t have to struggle through life alone and that there are always people who care even if you haven’t met them yet.”

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