Jerusha Yerusha: Venting with Style

Jerusha Pimentel – Columnist

Not sure if you’ve gotten a whiff of Dordt’s latest news this summer, but our college was mentioned in a brief article titled “The Official Ranking Of The Most Boring Schools In Each State” by For a short while I was the butt of all my friends’ jokes back home as they each took time to send me the same dreaded link.

I pointed out to them that my school had no fraternity or sorority groups, so it was no wonder that such an esteemed website would choose Dordt to represent Iowa’s “lamer” side. But even as I shooed away their teasing, I couldn’t help wondering if it hit upon the truth just a little. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way agreeing with their definition of “lame,” which is the failure to have half our students suffering from massive hangovers on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Our school is one that prides itself in focusing on its academics and sustaining an authentic Christian atmosphere on its campus, seeing no need to support a fraternity and party lifestyle. I’m talking about the kind of lame that is a direct result of a serious lack of creativity on our part as students.

As far as dances/activities/parties funded by the school go – they’re great, but there aren’t a whole lot of them. So what else are we supposed to do on weekends? It’s beyond frustrating when everything in town closes so early, and now one of the only bars in town has shut down. As a result, most Saturday nights on campus will consist of your average guy hosting a riveting video game party with his buddies, while your average girl is hosting yet another “Disney Marathon.”

Why don’t we do something more creative with our weekends? We’ve got hundreds of people around the same age all living within close proximity to each other, and the best we can do with our free time is shut ourselves in our rooms – our most adrenaline-filled moment being which movie we choose to watch. When I talk with alumni who went to Dordt in the nineties, I’m astonished at how much fun they seemed to have on campus. They’ve got pocketfuls of wild stories ranging from massive snowball wars between dorm buildings, sledding down snowy hills on borrowed lunch trays, and  trying to catch the mysterious person who showed up in a gorilla suit to every sports game and school dance (and remained anonymous all four years). My favorite story is the “Bumble Bees Bike Club,” which included an initiation of riding across campus in only one’s underwear.

Now I’m not saying that we never have fun. Last year there was an exciting marathon of “Mafia” held in Kuyper every Saturday that could last up to five hours straight. It was way more thrilling that watching a movie and definitely more exciting than a frat party. If more stuff like this happened on campus more often, we wouldn’t only not be lame–we’d be lively and poppin’ and all sorts of fun that would make a hungover frat boy very, very jealous.​

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