Vision School prepares students for a life of missions in service to God

Lauren Kleyer – Staff Writer

After attending Vision School through high school and going on a mission trip to Turkey, Sung Jae Ko’s life was re-directed toward a vision-oriented life.

“After coming back from Turkey, God ignited my heart to share His vision for the nations in North America and to awaken campuses and to raise students to go to the nations,” said Ko, a digital media production major and the co-founder of Vision School on Dordt’s campus.

“Vision School” is a term that is unfamiliar to most students at Dordt College, but it is a movement happening in countries all over the world, including Korea, Japan, China, Egypt, Iran and North America.SungJae 2

The purpose of this mission is to prepare students, through an 8 week program, for a life of missions in service to God.

Vision school has three main goals: a paradigm shift, frontier missions and the adoption of one nation by each student. All three of these goals aim at one purpose: to call students to field operations.

Field operations are short-term mission trips during summer or winter break that are based on Luke 10 and focus on the 10/40 window of unreached nations. The hope is that by ministering to these unreached nations, students can bring about the second coming through the sharing of God’s word.

This is the third semester that Vision School has been at Dordt, and Ko is very excited about what is happening.

“I believe it is my calling,” he says.

There are now 11 students involved in Vision School, including Jeremy Budi, who has been working with Ko to develop this program on Dordt’s campus for the last four years.

The meetings taking place on campus begin with a circle of prayer and worship time led by Ko. The group then has a time referred to as “nation selling,” which gives students the opportunity to “adopt” a nation for prayer as they learn about the nation’s history, take specific prayer requests and discuss current issues.

According to Ko, the biggest part of these meetings is the lecture time, during which a guest speaker, usually a student missionary, comes in and talks about an issue that they feel is important. The meetings end with another time of worship.

As for the future of Vision School, Ko hopes “that it will be a launch pad for an unceasing missionary sending program. Ultimately, we believe that by serving Dordt’s campus, we are serving the nations.”

He went on to say that they want to see a student volunteer movement ignite the campus like it once ignited the U.S. in the 19th century. Ko feels it is important that students know they are called to be messengers to all nations, even if it means making sacrifices.

If you want to get involved in Vision School, please contact Sung Jae Ko, and he will be more than happy to let you know how you can be a part of this movement.

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come,” Matthew 24:14.


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