The Fantasticks will dazzle audiences

Haley Mulder – Staff Writer

The world’s longest-running musical is making its way to Dordt College!

The Fantasticks, a musical by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, is a mixture of romance and adventure. With its captivating plot line and unconventional theatrical methods, The Fantasticks brings musical theatre to life with a wacky yet lovable cast of characters.

“The Fantasticks is so fantastic because it is a quirky, goofy show where people can be entertained by all the actors,” said freshman Sophie Schmidt, who plays the role of Hucklebee. “It is definitely worth seeing!”Fantasticks

The cast is made up of only eight members and is directed by theatre arts professor Josiah Wallace.

The performance will be accompanied live by pianist Ranita Bandua and harpist Leanna Bentz.

“I am really looking forward to having the whole show come together with costumes and lights and props,” Schmidt said. “Josiah is a great director and has done a great job getting us all ready for the show! My favorite part of the production is the fact that we are such a small cast, we get along very well and grow in relationships with one another.”

Cast member Jennifer Allen believes the show is about discovery and exploration.

“It’s practically a parallel story to what we are going through in college right now,” Allen said. “It’s a fun show to see, and it’s a great thing to be a part of.”

The stage is close and to the audience, making it a more intimate experience. The set and lights are one of the extra special parts of the production, as there are over 100 lighting cues in the entire show.

To quote the famous musical, “We’ll take you to all the places you’ve ever dreamed of…Venice…Egypt…”

Guests are sure to be dazzled by the magic and personality that that the show carries throughout.

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