Seniors complete semester-long projects

Haley Mulder – Staff Writer

Coffee and journals, ceramics and writing.

Remembering the small things.

This spring, digital media major Justin Gloudemans is creating a series of videos that emphasizes the small details in life.

“My senior project is a video series called ‘The Finer Details of Life,’” Gloudemans said. “The videos are 2 to 5 minute mini documentaries about people’s finer details of life. These are the things that cause them to slow down and reflect, create, be in solitude or share joy with others.”

Gloudemans chose this project because he wanted to show the need to slow down in our busy, crazy lives.

“We need to be able to slow down and have moments of reflection and pause from routine and speeding from thing to thing,” Gloudemans said. “I realized that people have certain activities, like making coffee, writing, doing ceramics and more that allow them to slow down.”

Gloudemans hopes that people will see the themes in his films such as slowing down, creating, remembering and noticing. He hopes that his viewers will be inspired to find their own finer detail in life.Senior Projects

Students in other programs are working on senior projects, as well. Some of these include art, engineering, social work and theatre.

Senior engineering major Anderson Clare is currently working on a project he calls the “Defender Utility Vehicle.”

The primary goal in Clare’s project is to assist in the growth and development of the farm operations and agriculture program at Northrise and the project will strive to met specific needs of the Northrise Farms.

“Design work for the Defender Utility Vehicle (DUV) began with administrative tasks such as project proposals and budgeting and some initial conceptual design that included research into similar products,” Clare stated in his project outline.

But this project means more to Clare and his fellow student partners than just a grade.

“Around the world, many people in developing nations do not have access to tools that fulfill very basic transportation needs,” Clare said. “Currently, many people, especially women and children, travel great distances on foot for access to water, healthcare or education. Because a single project cannot solve this vast problem, we have chosen to contribute to the solution by partnering with Northrise University of Ndola, Zambia.”

The projects that senior students create and participate in are used as different ways to express themselves and their passions. It is a way to introduce them to their fields professionally and for some, it is an opportunity to get their foot in the door.

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